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Friday, May 19, 2006

Build something idiot proof...

...and they'll just build a better idiot. I am that better idiot. Mixing glass bedding epoxy consists of mixing a resin and a hardener. Simple. Sometimes a 4:1 ratio, but this is one of the "idiot proof" ones that uses a 1:1 ratio. But, being that better idiot, I put the measure of hardener in the mixing tub, then opened the resin container to add that one. Then, I put it down to make sure the measuring spoon was clean. Then I picked up the hardner again. Since I haveWell, as they say, build something idiot proof, and they'll just build a better idiot. I am that better idiot. n't done this before, I didn't think anything of the fact that the "resin" looked a heck of a lot like the hardener. So, then I mixed it a while, added the micro balloons, and put it in the stock. Then I set it aside overnight. In the morning, I twisted the guard screws to make sure they weren't stuck, they weren't. Then I started playing with the left over. And got a little worried that the epoxy hadn't hardened overnight in the open tub.

Anyway, I just spent quite a while cleaning the hardener and balloons out the stock and remixing it properly. I hope it works.

I'll have to take some pictures of the process next time.

Oh well, the rifle only cost $100, so, if I dork it up, I'll be bummed, but it's not exactly a family heirloom.


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