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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My shame...

I don't have a gun chambered in 7.62x39. Or a lever gun.

Jay G in comments over here:
No lever gun or SKS/AK? Hie thee to the gun shop, post-haste, lest Baby Vulcan spit up on you. ;)

Yeah, I know. But I just bought a new bow for deer season (if this one place works out, I can bow hunt from 17 Sep - 31 Mar this year--with basically no season bag limit), and I've got my eye on a CMP Garand. (Yes, I know, my name, and I don't have a Garand...) And this summer I bought THREE deer rifles. All mausers, two .30-06 and a 7x57--total cost, about $400ish. :) So a .30-30 is a little farther down the list, although it'd be about perfect for a deer gun out here. And, and, and... excuses, excuses.

That's my problem, yeah, my list of guns I want is way too long.
AK (x as many variants as I can get)
AR (x as many types I can get)
Lever gun in .30-30
lever gun in .357 or .44Mag
'03 Springfield
"nice" 1911 (to go with my Springfield GI, P12-45 and the cheap beater I got)
NAA mini revolver
KelTec P3AT
A modern bolt-action. One that I don't have to fuss with to get to shoot well--Don't get me wrong, I love fussing with old rifles, but it'd be nice to have one that I didn't have to mess with.
A CZ side-by-side shotgun for my wife ,probably in 20ga -- they're "cute"
A CZ S/S or O/U, leaning toward O/U for me
T/C Encore
A certain custom gun from a certain custom gunmaker that I'm not telling you about until I actually have it--lest y'all go and buy it first. :)

Now, I sure don't need most (heck, I don't really need any of the above guns--maybe the shotguns for clay games, I've got a hole in the collection there) of those guns; I'm quite pleased with the ones I've got at home. But there are just so many niches that I like. Someday, maybe, I'll focus on one category that particularly interests me. Right now, however, that category is "things that go bang."


  • Your list is eerily similar to my own, with the notable exception of the lever gun (ahem) and SKS (ahem ahem). ;)

    Although it will be rather difficult to procur any Kel-Tec, since they're not on the {SPIT} "Approved Firearms Roster" in the Volksrepublik of MA... :(

    By Anonymous Jay G, at 1:33 PM  

  • Yeah, being in VA does have its advantages.

    Oh, and I think I left off:
    Swedish Mauser
    A bunch of different CZ rifles-mainly the Lux and full stock versions in several chamberings...
    I need a raise. :)

    By Blogger aughtSix, at 9:57 PM  

  • Any time you want to shoot my Marlin . . . .

    and we really do need to get over to that range of yours (and get me a membership :) )

    By Blogger Countertop, at 3:35 PM  

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