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Monday, August 21, 2006

About that lever gun...

I really need* a lever gun. I went to the range on Saturday with my wife to sight in "her" 7x57 mauser and so she could shoot it a little to practice. Also, I wanted to put a scope on my somewhat-newly glass bedded '06 mauser and try out some 165gr loads. Oh, and I had a new toy (a really cheapie 1911) to try out. All went well, my wife kept all her shots at 100 yards on the black (about 6") shooting off the bench and sitting. And at 50 yards, kept all (but one--about a quarter inch off) of them in the black (same target size). So, she's in good shape for deer season. Oh, did I mention my wife wants to come hunting with me this year? I love my wife.

So, as we're about to leave, a guy sets up on the bench next to us with two of his relatives from England, so, naturally, he takes them to the range. I offer my 1911 (with a .22 conversion kit on it) for them to try. They loved it. Then they shot a few of the guy's lever guns: a Henry and a Browning Lever Rifle in .358 Win. Then the guy let me shoot his guns. They were tons of fun. Oh, and I got to shoot a S&W .44 mountain gun and a 9mm Sig (I can't remember the Sig model numbers).

Did I mention I need to get a lever gun? The Browning felt great and is beautiful. But it really needs a tube magazine. It just doesn't quite look right without it.

Anyway, to cut off my rambling, if you don't have a lever rifle, you really need one. The .22s are lots more fun than a semi-auto or a bolt gun. Although, my CZ 452 isn't going anywhere. The bigger ones (e.g., .30-30, .35Rem, .358Win, .444, etc.) make great hunting rifles. I'll be getting one (not sure what yet) just as soon as ye ol' wallet can handle it.

On a side note, if you want to develop a flinch, I can think of no better way than to shoot some light 120gr 7x57 loads through your wife's rifle with a nice butt-pad and (amazing) timney trigger. Then switch to some mid-power 165gr .30-06 loads in your mauser with a rock-hard (wooden?) butt plate and terrible original military trigger.

*okay, really, really, really want.


  • I don't have a lever gun either.

    Yet. ;)

    Would you be interested in trading sidebar links?
    Let me know at my site, if you do.
    (My email is in my profile, of course.)

    Either way, nice blog!

    By Blogger The Conservative UAW Guy, at 10:30 PM  

  • One of my all time favorite rifles is a Marlin 39A that I picked up used for about $200. It'll fire shorts, longs, and long rifles, and makes one of the best rabbit hunting rifles I've ever used. No need for a supressor when shooting the .22 shorts; the sound of the hammer hitting the firing pin and the sound of the bullet hitting the target are all you hear. My other favorite is my 1895G Guide Gun. Its absolutely devestating against a cinder block. I'd love to pick up one of their .44's to go with my .22. If they made an .88 I'd have a trifecta!

    By Blogger Haji, at 6:13 PM  

  • I've got a Browning BL-22. Find one and buy it (although they're actually kind of hard to find -- none of the dealers had them in stock so I had to order it online -- my dad's had one since I was a kid). You won't be sorry. Very pretty gun and yes it has the tube mag. Super fun to shoot. My first day with it I went through a whole box of cheap Remington ammo. 525 rounds for $12!

    In bigger (hunting) caliber IMO it's best to stick with the workhorses, Marlin 336 or Remington 1894 in .30-30.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:47 PM  

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