And a Thirty Aught Six

Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Shame Slightly Reduced

I said here that I didn't have a gun chambered in 7.62x39. Well, I fixed that last weekend. On the way back from some squirrel hunting/scouting for deer season, I stopped by my favorite gun store, Guns and Ammo Warehouse (their website seems to have died). First, I drooled all over their 1911s, especially the mucho-expensive Wilsons, then noticed an SKS for $115. It was a little rough, but by the time you pay for shipping from somewhere like Aim Surplus, the price is tough to beat. However, the chamber had some rust in it, and the bore was pretty ugly. So, my wallet went back in my pocket. However, they had another one in back. So, I took a look. The previous owner scratched his initials in the stock, at least, that's what I assume the letters are. But the rifling is good, and the metal, especially internally, was in great shape. My wallet then cursed the friendly sales-guy, and I ended up with a 7.62x39 rifle, finally. Now I just have to find time to get to the range, if I ever get all the cosmoline out. But with hunting season coming up, I've still got to settle on a .30-06 load. I'm thinking 54gr 760 behind a 165gr soft point. (Note: I wrote that load from memory. It is, if I remembed the numbers correctly, safe in my gun. It's probably safe in yours (it's at the low end), but it isn't necessarily safe in your gun. Check a manual, blah, blah...) And then I have to get the rifle zeroed for the load I end up with. Also, I could stand to get a little more practice with my new bow before the season starts up in a couple weeks. So, plinking away with a new toy doesn't have quite the little-kid like urgency it would usually have.